Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Chinese New Year Song 2017 DOWNLOAD MP3

Chinese New Year Song

Chinese New Year 2017 is a day which is of immense celebration with family members, friends .It marks the onset of New Year .When the day of 365 days has ended and a new year with full strength , vigour is going to be started everyone is excited about. Everyone is busy giving wishes to every-one of the New Year and also making wonderful celebrations like delicious dishes and buying expensive gifts for the near and dear ones. In ever part of the world people officially celebrate the New Year on 1st January. We always wish this New Year bring new hopes , happy times for everyone around out on this earth.

Yet there are some variations too. People of China celebrate their New Year from January 27 to February 2.It is traditional of 7 days from January 27 to February 2.This is a time when people of China get 7 days off consecutively so as to celebrate their New Year in the best they can. In-fact people of china start their celebrations from the end week of January. It is the most enjoyable season in the country. But have you ever wondered what exactly is the history of New Year in China. Let’s find that out. It is really very interesting to find out. Looking for Chinese New Year Songs of 2017? Find them all here!

Chinese New Year Song 2017

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Zhēngyuè lǐ lái shì xīnnián'er ya a

Bǎixìngmen dōu xǐhuan nà'er ya a

Mǎile jǐ gè gāoshàng táo er ya a

Shǎo bǎo de dàguà pǐn nà'er ya a

Jiājiā ménkǒu la a

Dōu tiēle xīn duìlián nà'er

Zhēngyuè lǐ lái shì xīnnián'er ya a

Dà nián chū yītóu yītiān ya a

Jiājiā tuányuán huì ya a

Shǎode gěi lǎode bàinián ya a

Nánnǚ hé lǎoshào la

Dōu bǎ nà xīnyì huàn ya a

Nánnǚ hé lǎoshào ya

Dōu bǎ nà xīnyì huàn

With the first lunar month comes New Year

Everyone loves it

Bought some stylish pottery

The youngster's big coat

Every household's door

Has new door couplets

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