Thursday, 5 January 2017

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas 2017

Chinese New Year Decorations

The day when Chinese people enjoy a lot is Chinese new year 2017. This is the day when all wish their loved ones with greetings cards, messages, ecards etc. There are also some decorations made in the houses which makes each and every room in the home beautiful. But if you are running out of Chinese new year decorations and ideas, we have come up with some finest decoration ideas for Chinese new year in 2017.

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All you have to do is follow these ideas and celebrate the new year in style. Here are some of the decoration ideas which you must note down now!

Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas for 2017

Hanging Ball Decorations

These are some of the hanging balls which can be hung in all the rooms .These can be made from paper o metal which is filled with sparkle .These balls will just make your home glitter like anything .These balls from market will cost you 5-10$ but they will also be having very good lifetime.

Glittered Lemon Centrepiece

Everyone is fond of centrepiece which attracts the guests towards it .If it will be glittered it will be looking damn beautiful .Centre piece of citrus will just make your drawing room more graceful and elegant and guest will surely ask you where have you got it from. It will cost you 50$.

Countdown Decorative item

The countdown decorative item will make your home a beautiful place to live in .Is its New Year and if you don’t have countdown item then there’s no joy to celebrate New Year. A clock should strike at every 10 minutes before 12 am of 1st January with music and at exact New Year a music should be played in a very high tone with lyrics “HAPPY NEW YEAR “.

Tinsel New Year's Number Banner

New Year is coming and starts making New Year’s number banner stating 2016 embedded in glitter. The number banner must be made from tinsel. It will be very cheap will cost you just 5-10$ but I am sure these pieces will increase the curiosity of New Year.

Photo Décor

There should be photo décor placed in the drawing room in which photos of the guests are clipped. the photos should be chronically placed which shows how the guests have together celebrated New Year with fun and how they have grown up .They will be bit nostalgic but they will enthralled to see all those memories again.

Tissue paper stars

Home decorative items will surely include tissue paper stars .The stars from the tissue paper just look fabulous. Not only stars other geometrical shapes also look too good .These will only charge mere 2-4$ but the look they will provide to your home will be just awesome.

Silver and white balloons.

If you are in tight budget this month and you can’t afford costly items to decorate your home .The thing you can surely do is decorating the home with white and red balloons which will look awesome and will the surroundings with so much liveliness for adults , children .It will only cost less than 1$.

Candle Displays

Its new year and home is not decorated with beautiful candles , the candles which are just eye rendering .Some candle displays can be placed in the drawing room in which at least there should be collection of 10 candles which will add beauty to the house .It will cost just 10$ to the budget.

Cover your champagne bottles in glitter.

Champagne bottles are sure to be opened on the day on New Year so why not to make it some creative .Covering these bottles with glitter will make them a more expensive decor. It will just look flawless. It will just add 1$ to your budget.

Make your own party hats.

It’s happy Chinese New Year and there are no party hats then there can’t be fun. So make some funky hats and have fun .Make every guest wear those and this will make your home more than perfect. It will just cost 5$ for adding beauty to the home.


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