Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Chinese New Year Crafts Activities, Ideas 2017

Chinese New Year Crafts

We all know that Chinese New year 2017 is around the corner and many of them are already excited to celebrate the festival in style. There are many ways to celebrate the Chinese new year but for kids there are many activities to indulge into.

Chinese New Year History

Before we dig into the Chinese new year crafts, ideas and activities, let's have a look at the history of the Chinese New Year. Han dynasty existed from 206 BC to 220 BC. They fixed the first day of the first month as official day for New Year celebration. Crack Bamboo appeared on this day because they create loud sound and that too cracking when they are made on fire.The reason behind this is that harsh noise keeps evil always.So this is a good omen.

Wei dynasty existed in 220-265 BC and Jin dynasty existed in 265-420 BC.At that time they came with a new idea of fireworks for celebration of New Year. They popularized the new idea of celebrating New Year with new and beautiful way.

Not talking more about the past, let's now see some of the best Chinese new year craft ideas for 2017.

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Chinese New Year Craft

Chinese New year 2017 Crafts

Chinese New Year Crafts Pinterest

Chinese New Year Crafts 2017

Chinese New Year Craft Activities 

Chinese New Year Craft Ideas from Pinterest

So this completes the list of Chinese New Year craft 2017 and their ideas & activities taken from Pinterest. We hope that you loved our ideas and will share them too with your loved ones. Wish you a happy Chinese new year 2017


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