Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids 2017

Chinese New Year Activities : 

We celebrate Chinese New year 2017 by so many ways but have u ever thought that by other ways also we can celebrate New-Year with kids.Yeah! There are many other ways by which kids can celebrate New Year.But parents are void of any idea so that make them sad. Now children no need to be sad. Let’s have a look at those ideas that can make your kids New Year more special and entertaining. Chinese New Year Activities info has providing here specially for kids for this 2017 year.

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids:

10. Finding Gifts

It is a superb game for small children .When number of friends have come to your home and you do not have that much great idea you can play this game with your friends and make your New Year special. In this you have to purchase the no of balls of yarn as your no of friends. Now unwind this ball. And attach a prize to one end of this and place it somewhere else it cannot be seen. Now pass these threads through many different rollers and furniture and curtains. So that children can find difficulty in finding their gift and also it will arouse curiosity in children. At the end of the day children will be tired but the best part is they will get their gift and I bet they will be damn happy!!

9. Balloon Fun

Take no of balloons and now write different names on every balloon. Tell your child to get the balloon with his name written on it and pop it at midnight .He will be so happy and again he has popped up his balloon he will be sad, end his sadness by giving him new balloon to write his name on it .He will really be very happy and going to enjoy a lot. Don’t miss this idea .It just fabulous.

8. ABC's

Take a bowl in which there are several paper pieces in which different letters are there .Pick a piece of letter and the child has to guess some country name starting with that word. In this way the game starts and the person who is not able to tell any word in time limit will be given mild punishment. The person in the last will win the game .

7. Midnight Snack Bags

You know what your child likes the most so get ready with snack bags with all the lollipops , chocolates , sweet drinks and much more so that at midnight he may open his snack bag and will get a superb gift from his mother by eating those yummy stuffs at midnight.

6. Night out at one friend’s place

If your kids are above 5 years then they can enjoy a lot on the New Year eve by night out at some friends place. They can play, have fun. But while doing this pack their stuffs like their towel, their food and other important things so that he can enjoy a lot and can make his new year very special.

5. Winter Pool Party

If number of friends of you kid are at your place and you don’t have suitable idea for your kid that how to celebrate his new year. This will be just more than perfect, take him to the pool and arrange a small but funky party over there. Gather some props and playing props like bat, ball and others .Your child is going to enjoy a lot and sure this is going to be his best new year ever.

4. Name that Holiday Tune

It is a beautiful game. This can also be played by adult members of the family .In this play some Christmas carol and stop in between. Now if anyone recognizes which carol it is then he will be given a special New Year gift. Not only song he has to predict but also the singer and album would add much cherry to cake. This will really be fun and you can wish happy Chinese new year 2017 to all of them.

3. Treasure hunt

In this write some hints of getting the price on paper pieces and then hide somewhere inside your home. There will be two teams and those teams will go hint by hint, they have to find the other paper piece in order to get hint that how to reach the New Year gift!! At last the team who got New Year gift will be the winner.

Wish your loved ones with Chinese New Year Greetings 2017

2. New Year's Countdown Cake

Kids generally like cakes a lot. This time its new year and I guess he will awake at time too. So arrange a New Year countdown cake for your kid and let him cut his cake and then balloons will be there. He will be so happy for this lovely New Year and will be glad that how the next year is going to be wonderful for him too.

1. Fancy dress up and have a dance party

This idea is of fabulous and believes me every child is going to enjoy a lot. Arrange a Fancy dress party with addition of dance too. So your child would be clad in the character he likes the most. This is the time he will really be very happy and going to dance like a superman .This will make his new year very special.

So these are some of the special Chinese New Year Activities for Kids in 2017. Have a nice year ahead!!!


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