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How To Say Happy New Year In Chinese 2017

How To Say Happy New Year In Chinese 2017 : Chinese New Year, probably the most celebrated holiday on the planet, is just around the corner. Understanding how to say Happy New Year in Chinese will come in useful wherever you by chance reside.

Shortly friends and families will share time and specific foods a entire list of centuries-old superstitions and beliefs will probably be found to make the new year the most flourishing yet.

With lively Chinese New Year parties occurring from Sydney to San Francisco, in the event that you are aware of the best way to say Happy New Year in Chinese, you will have plenty of chance to reveal your admiration and wishes!

Usually you only have to greet people like this the first time you see them in the new Chinese calendar year, and after that you can return to normal Chinese greetings.

How to Say happy new Year in Chinese

New Year Good/新年好/新年好

Explanation:happy new year
  • Mandarin:(xīn nián hǎo)New Year Good Mandarin Aloud
  • Cantonese:(san nin hou)New Year Good Cantonese aloud
Happy New Year/新年快乐/新年快樂
  • Mandarin:(xīn nián kuài lè )Happy New Year Mandarin aloud
  • Cantonese:(San Nin Fai Lok)Happy New Year Cantonese aloud
Gong Xi Fa Cai/恭喜发财/恭喜發財
Explanation:May you be happy and prosperous!
  • Mandarin:(gōng xǐ fā cái )gōng xǐ fā cái Mandarin aloud
  • Cantonese:(Gung Hei But Coi)Gong Xi Fa Cai Mandarin Aloud.
Good luck/万事如意/萬事如意

Explanation:have all one’s wishes All things conspire to make (someone) happy. Everything falls into one’s lap. Everything is as one wishes.
  • Mandarin:(wàn shì rú yì)Wan Shi Ru Yi Mandarin Aloud.
  • Cantonese:(Mak si jyu ji)Wan Shi Ru Yi Cantonese aloud
Prosperous New Year/大吉大利/大吉大利

Explanation:The most favorable auspices good luck big fortuue and great profit.
  • Mandarin:(dà jí dà lì)Prosperous New Year Mandarin Aloud
  • Cantonese:(Taai Gat Taai Lei)Prosperous New Year Cantonese aloud


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